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Missing Teeth Replacement

There is a myriad of problems associated with missing teeth. It can lead to a variety of dental and health problems such as lack of proper chewing function, shifting of teeth and changes of the bite( occlusion), bone deterioration, tooth deterioration from added stress on the remaining teeth, tooth decay, loosening of other teeth as well as gum disease.

Missing teeth leads to lack of confidence in your smile, which can cause you to put off tooth replacements too long and thus replacing teeth may not be an option. By getting implants with our practice, you can restore full function and renew your natural smile and confidence often without added referrals and wait times.

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What Can I Expect?

Our office understands dental anxiety, and we work with you to calm any nerves you may have as well as provide you with a minimally invasive approach that keeps you comfortable throughout the entire treatment. You will begin by having a consultation with Dr. Pupkin, where he will examine your mouth in-depth. From there, a treatment plan will be developed, discussed and, once accepted, you will be scheduled to have your implant placed, which involves customization of the implant, as well as anchoring to ensure your implant lasts. After your appointment, our team will walk you through the healing process and provide you with aftercare instructions.

What are the Benefits of Implants?

Some of the most common implant-related benefits include:

  • Restored Confidence: By getting back your full smile, you can have renewed confidence and no fear in showing off your teeth!
  • Correcting Bite Problems: Missing teeth can often cause issues in biting and chewing, especially on hard or sticky foods. By implanting missing teeth, you will have the ability to chew all types of foods again.
  • Restored Bone Structure and Density: When teeth are missing, the natural teeth in the surrounding areas often work harder to compensate, causing premature bone deterioration and nerve stress. Adding implants can restore even pressure and correct early bone and nerve issues.

Implant-Retained Denture Options

Commonly, dentures are only thought to be removable acrylic teeth. Standard dentures can get loose and create sore, painful pressure points on your gums. Our practice offers innovative and advanced implant-retained denture options. This style of denture is anchored by traditional implants and is rooted directly into the bone in the mouth. While this may sound scary, our office provides extensive comfort measures to ensure you feel safe and at ease during your appointment. Implant-retained dentures provide benefits like feeling secure that teeth will stay tight, custom fitting, less time spent cleaning and maintaining, and enhanced ability to eat and chew your favorite foods.

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